Don’t let ’em take your plate

The sun came out today, and with it the temperatures went balmy. It caught me in a hammock–and like the first time you kiss someone who knows how to kiss–I could have stayed there for a lifetime. Except it left.
There is Spring in asparagus. And you can buy asparagus right now for $3.99 a bunch and it won’t go anywhere but home with you. Make a Roman ragout of peas (frozen if you have to) that are simmered together with a beautifully sauteed onion, a slice of prosciutto and the tiniest bit of stock. Stick the bunch of asparagus into simmering water that has been seasoned with salt and a dash of olive oil for exactly 4 minutes. Rush them out of the water, drain, and cover with ice. Drizzle with the most beautiful olive oil you can get your hands on. If you have it in you, peel an artichoke down to the heart, rub with lemon, sliver and saute with an uncut clove of garlic and some whole leaves of flat leaf parsley. Now get everything together, taste for salt and pepper and maybe a few fresh mint leaves and basil. Serve it over a grilled slice of bread and don’t let anybody take your plate away before you’re finished.

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