10:30 am; no salmon

Lunch for 45. Seared off veal shank to braise w/halved heads of garlic, sprigs of thyme and a bottle of white wine at work today. They should have taken 2 and a half hours, and they took 3 and half hours. I am never sure about the temperature of the oven and I think it may have been too low. Lesson–always start the meat way in advance; it can rest for at least an hour before serving. Made buttered jasmine rice to go along with, broken broccoli (broccoli simmered until it is tender in a way that makes grandmas happy) tossed up with slivers of garlic and chopped parsley. Big Green Salad. The salmon never showed up from downtown. I punted. Had loads of chicken cutlets leftover already floured and egged and sauteed–heated them up, sliced on them on the diagonal, gave them a squeeze of lemon and a spilled a tray of roasted fennel over the top. Roasted tomatoes. Made a soup from yesterday’s peas and leeks, braised potatoes and a bit of cream, all pureed to smooth and delicious with a little fresh basil and parmaggiano regiano. Cleaned the whole place up, and came home to cook dinner.

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