I’m on Chopped!!

The first time I was on television it was the Ranger Andy Show. I was eight and I happened to be a pro at pushing found objects into plaster of paris that had a blanket of sand underneath.
I smiled for the camera, and told the art teacher on there with me, that she wasn’t doing it quite right. I think it may have stunted my television career. Until now.
I still have the same problem of minding other’s people’s business–shoving my self between an unripe melon and a shopper about to buy it or giving my two cents on just how I feel about jarred garlic, but they didn’t care, and asked me anyway to be on Food Network’s “Chopped.”

The main requirement was you have to love to cook.

I cook for a living because I love it so much that it can make me cry just thinking about it.

I love the way a piece of basil tastes that’s grown in the dirt of Genoa and what it does when it hits creamy pine nuts, I love fish so fresh you swear you saw it’s eyes blink with the best olive oil the world has to offer and a sprig of rosemary, I love chocolate made by people who live and breathe to make good chocolate, I love the first shoots of asparagus that show themselves like planted random pencils in the Spring, I love to see my son press his nose and inch from the soup because he can’t get enough of it, I love hearing people laugh around a table of grilled steaks and roasted potatoes. I love to hear grandmas argue about the best way to make a sauce. I love the way people give to each other when they share their food.

“Chopped” is a wild and wacky way of doing it for TV land, but we’re sharing our food all the same. I worked like the dickens to follow direction and mind my own business. See for yourself.
“Chopped” is on tonight at 10pm EST and can I just say, “Yes I do recommend dancing while you cook.”

What I’m going to be eating while I watch:
beautiful cheese and crusty bread (fat grounds you)
relish board (the crunch is good for the nerves)
hot chocolate shots (puts u in the mood to boogy)

tell me what you’re having for dinner tonight. I’ll be on the “original dinnerlist” on Dinnerlist I want to know

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