Buy a ticket.

I can’t say I feel like a shell in the sand that you pick up because you just cannot get over how beautiful it is, how it glints in the sun and feels like silk in your hand. I have to say I feel more like the one that makes you think, uhhhhh, no,” and then you drop it. BUT. The difference between me and that greyish brownish shapeless rock is that I have legs and I can walk to the store and buy a melon that smells like summer sun and a bottle of Chianti to soak it in. The truth: if you eat beautiful things that taste even more beautiful you are going to feel a teeny weeny itsy bitsy bit beautiful.
Reduce one cup of red wine with 1/3 cup of sugar and a split vanilla bean until it is slightly thickened over a medium heat. Don’t leave it on it’s own because you’ll forget about it. Cool with a piece of orange zest that has had the pith removed. Peel and seed 2 cantaloupes and give them a squeeze of lemon. Pour over the wine syrup along with another cup of wine straight from the bottle. Let it rest for an hour and serve w/biscotti made with dried figs or some creamy dreamy fior di latte gelato. Can’t find fior di latte gelato?
That’s because YOU NEED a trip to Italy. xo

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