As far as I know there has not been much sleep finding its way into this house at the edge of a field on the far side of Mengacini. They wake up early and stay up late into the wee morning hours talking and lounging and gazing up at the summer stars, sipping on
Chianti. They were in Montevarchi yesterday, gleaning the secrets to hand rolled foccaccia and sitting down to a Tuscan feast of three different kinds, plus salame, prosciutto and melon, mozzarella and tomato, panzanella and my king of all kings, lardo, sliced paper thin and sitting on slices of unsalted bread. The day before they went to the hot springs and today they are in Perugia. it,s our last night together. I have made a leap from the menu on the page because I felt like it. We,ll have pork al late with garlic, sage and lemon, string beans with pan roasted cherry tomatoes, a risotto with porcini mushrooms, red wine that I have to bring a bottle to collect, and something chocolate.

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