On the days that rain

I had a hat on because it was threatening rain early this morning
as I was walking by the river
in a pair of shorts and my green boots
and a sweater
even though it wasn't cold

you don't only wear sweaters because it is cold

I could see up the hill, green, completely green the grass,
the trees that grew above it and below it,
the word


suspended in the branches

written in gold ballon letters

I walked towards it with a mission and then I started running
but in my green boots I can never go fast enough.

I was after

something I could keep

A man came along
He must have been the man who had the party 
He untied love first from one branch and then the other
and he carried it to the bench to pack away 
with the rest of his things.

I was too late.

Right from the bottom
Deeper than green boots.

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