When you’re tired, there’s nothing like a little sugar

When I’m dog tired, old injuries seep like water into the woodwork, and I carry them around like the earth carries fog.

It’ll pass. It may take until I’m dead, but like my grandmother used to say, “what are going to do, not eat breakfast? Take a walk and forget about it.”

Plus, there’s plenty of all things beautiful in old injuries. There is the love that got you involved in the first place. I would never give that up. I would never wish it never happened. Are you kidding me?

I made the worst curry I’ve ever made yesterday. It started out so delicious and right before it was done, I ruined it. The amount of chickpeas was so close to perfect, and I doubled it. Made it taste like those bendy mouth guards they shove between your jaws when you’re getting an X-ray. I tried to fix it with curry leaves that should have been laid to rest last week, and it made it worse.

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