Pick an Easter menu and then take a nap

It’s raining and there is a message from my sister on my machine about what can she make for Easter.
I am so intent on trying to fill cancellations for my first two weeks in Italy, that everthing else has become like that teeny tiny print that they try to make you read when you go for an eye exam. I have to move closer and refocus. I have come up with three menus, and it’s never a good idea to fix on anyone of them before you run them by the crowd. I’ll call my people, take a nap, (menu stress) look at the menus again and decide.

Easter Menus:

Menu 1

Baked Ham
Stuffed Eggs
Butter and Honey carrots with chili pepper
String beans and toasted almonds
New potatoes with mint and garlic
Artichokes with lemon butter

New York Cheesecake

Menu 2

Poached salmon
Spinach Sformatta
Sauted Mushrooms and Leeks with croutons
Crepes stuffed with minted mascarpone (mint, chive, basil and lemon zest)
Salad of arugula, fresh fennel and roasted asparagus

Lemon tart

Menu 3:

Fresh fava to dip in salt and olive oil
Mozzarella di Bufala with braised chard greens, dressed with olive oil
Saffron Risotto
Veal chop with olive oil, garlic and lemon


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