A leaf, an onion and an egg

Just as little Easter was about to come to a close last night I got a call on the phone from Branko that Svetlana was on her way to my house. When she got to the door, she said “I made you a cake and Marko (son of Branko and Svetlana) destroyed it, so if I can’t give you a cake then at least I can get you drunk. She wouldn’t come in, saying it was way too late and before I could open the bag, she was gone. Inside there was a bottle of French wine, two bottles of beer and the most beautiful Easter eggs that I have ever seen. blogff0337.JPG
A few days before in Shady Park, we had been talking about dying eggs, and I said “oh yea, I dye eggs. I get the food coloring, the vinegar, the hot water and crayolas out, and that’s all you need really.” And then she told me about onion skins–that you save them until you have a pile to soak in a pan of water that has just boiled. You take the pan off the heat, tape parsley to boiled eggs and slip them into knee-high hose, tying a knot at the top of each egg until each knee high is full, then set the hose and eggs into the pan of hot water and onion skins to sit.
It is one thing to hear about an egg in hose, it’s another to see the little orb of art, and another to be so lucky to have friends that bring you not only love but a bit of the world that you would never know otherwise.

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