before they get here

I woke up at three a.m. and made myself stay in bed until six, before I went looking for coffee. Even at six, the sun hasn’t come up here yet. The streets were deserted. I like to go to a caffe that’s about a five minute walk from where I’m staying; it opens for cab drivers and old ladies at 6:30. I got three skinny churros, a cafe con leche, and a champagne flute of fresh orange juice, for a total of 2.75. Then I went grocery shopping and then I went back to bed. I still can’t sleep, but I figure it’s best to lie down as much as possible, before there will be no more lying down. I’m pretty much terrified now. Don’t ever think that it’s only the people who don’t know how to cook that tremble before the guests come. You would be so wrong about that. It gets so much better, though. By tonight, when I can smell everything on the stove, I’ll be fine. Laughing even.

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