The newest arrival at the house is a barbecue, massive and mediaval looking, and loads of fun, whether we are grilling or not.  Last night we made my favorite asparagus salad with arugula, olives, soft cooked eggs, arugula and shavings of parmesan, a lasagna with white sauce, ragu seasoned with a Tuscan soffritto and sausages, and ribbons of pasta that we rolled ourselves.  For dessert we used the fresh sheeps’ milk ricotta that Melchiore made on Wednesday and served it with roasted nespole and reduction of chianti, orange zest and sugar.

The group has a zest for life and for fun that makes cooking, joy.  They also have a patience with the chef that I will be forever grateful for.  Last night, not so small an edge of a piece of lasagna that I was serving landed in a pitcher of  decanted Barollo. It’s not right that someone should come all the way to Italy, buy themselves a bottle of lovely wine, and have it served with a meat and noodle garnish. 

It’s not so much the mistakes you make, but what you learn from them.  Tonight, I will have a special serving section.

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