This week Kelie and I are going to poke our noses into Trenesa’s house–she’s a high powered executive with a high powered schedule who wants to eat dinner with her family.  If I asked the rest of you: “Who else out there has to be superwoman to get the whole job (work, family, food shopping, cleaning, cute clothes or any clothes really, exercise, read the paper or a memo) done?” I’ll bet 98% would raise your hands, and the other two percent would agree if you could, but you’re sleeping on the job from lack of rest.

Trenesa needs help figuring out how to get home in time to make dinner with family possible and how to handle having to make both vegetarians and meat eaters happy.

Here are ideas I have about the menus:

Sag Aloo (you can enter it into the fayefood SEARCH option on the right of the page) with lamb skewers

Pasta Fagioli served with (no nitrite/nitrate) bacon on toast (pasta fagioli is also available in fayefood archives)

Broccoli rabe and sausage with orchiette (just leave out the sausage and throw in some chic peas for the veggies)

MOM’s famous Tacos.  Who didn’t have taco’s in the 70’s?  I like mine soft.  Little bowls of dark green leafy salad, refried beans, hamburg, cheese, tomatoes, onions, avocado

Buckwheat noodles with fried scallion, ginger, garlic, tofu, bok choy and shrimp (they won’t miss their meat)

Spinach and goat cheese risotto (this is Jamie Oliver) with a side of Chicken Paillards, with parm, bread crumbs

Vegetable stew with potato, artichokes and dumplings (save some to the side and drop shreds of roast chicken breast in there to heat through before serving for your carnivores.)

White bean puree with roasted tomatoes, croutons and swiss chard served with flank steaks

Roasted potatoes, asparagus, chive and arugula topped with thick toast, a fried egg (or lamb chop)

Corn chowder with mini burgers

Pasta with red peppers and onions with side of pork chop, olive tapenade….

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