unknown.jpegIn the morning, after I fall out of bed, throw on my clothes, rush down the steps of the coach house and across to the chateau to start breakfast, the first thing I do is open the window shutters, big as barn doors, and fold them back against the house to let the daylight in. I get two pots of coffee going, a great big jug of hot milk and either drive like mad two minutes through the fields to get fresh croissants from the village, or start dipping chunks of baguette in a bowl of eggs, cream and vanilla bean to brown in butter.  I slice fresh clementines in half, fill one bowl with raw flat oats and dried fruits and another of formage blanc.  Everybody in, everybody eats, everybody out, I shop in the village for our class and dinner and they wander through towns nestled in along the river or a fortress or cave packed with dormant bottles of deep red wine.  Then it’s back for cooking and tasting and drinking in our hearth of a kitchen and into the dining room for dinner.


Day 1
Boeuf Bourguignon with croutons
Buttered Potato
Greens with classic vinaigrette
Chocolate Soufflé

Day 2
Roast Pumpkin with tomato concassees & lardoons
Cotriade Bretonne (Fish stew with leeks)
Endive and Watercress
Lemon Tart

Day 3
Pan Seared Chicken with fresh thyme, poached garlic&
wild mushroom sauté
(Beurre Rouge)
Braised leeks and carrots
Pommes Sarladaise
Greens, St. Agur and warmed hazlenuts
Crème Brulee

Day 4
Classic Quiche with Gruyere
Pork Loin marinated with Dijon, garlic, and fresh herbs
String Beans
Wine makers white beans
Oven roasted tomatoes
Tart Tatin

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