Bourgeil is even better now that I have been to bar a vins bourgueil de la promenade. Thick block tables and stools and the most amazing charcuterie and fromage board (served on a piece of slate) that I have ever known. Tender chunks of braised bacon, a bologna with curing swirls of fat, two types of country pate, and a jambone sliced as thin as paper. I have no earthly idea what the cheeses were, but I will find out. I was in a state of bliss and in no state to ask questions. There were two very creamy ,earthy, majestic slivers most certainly in the family of camembert, a type of blue that lifted you from the inside to just above cloud cover and two goat that were like freshly washed linen that had spent the day in the crisp Fall air to dry. To start I had fois gras topped with a cool yellow layer of fat as delicious as the underneath, topped with a compote of green tomatoes that was I convinced was fig with star anise. You can shame me for my mistake until you try for yourself.
My ladies and one gentleman arrive tomorrow and I will be at the open market in the town square first thing to get the vegetables and fruits picked that same morning and to see if I can,t find some of the nectar in the guise of cheese that I had at lunch. Ina moment I am off to see mr. Druet to buy some of the best reds that the region has to offer and clear skied full bodied pink skirted rose.

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