It,s hard to be patient enough to keep the bouef simmering in the oven until the meat is completely tender. The sauce made itself. A complex puddle of crisped lardons, gently sauteed onion with thyme and garlic, the deep browning of the beef, and hours together in the oven. The mushroom sauté I put in about 45 minutes before it,s done and a rich stock and bottle of deep red wine take it to a place of tres joilie. If you use a noixette of butter and flour, thin it with a little of the sauce before adding and bring the whole thing to a simmer again before serving.
The sky was layers of color today in Bourgueil. Leaves carpet the grass and it is getting colder. I bought five baguettes and held them under my arm for the walk home. It,s tricky business not dropping a baguette.

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