About Faye

Faye Hess is co owner of 51st bakery and cafe in Long Island City, Queens. She began her cooking career in film and television production in New York City, cooking for Bill Cosby, Shirley McClaine, Yoko Ono and many others.

In the following years she focused on dining affairs for private clients, wrote and produced a radio show for WBAI in NYC called “In the Kitchen”, started a cafe in Queens, moved to Italy to teach and learn and then back to her beloved Queens where she now lives. She continues to teach in Italy, Spain
and France.

Faye has been featured in National Geographic’s Travel Blog, in Food52 by Amanda Hesser and doesn’t like to think about it, but was a contestant on Food Network’s “Chopped.”

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  1. Faye: I am home recovering from a broken shoulder, one of the benefits of which is being able to read your side with a leisurely cup of coffee each morning. Can’t wait to try the pasta with romano and black pepper. Cheers. Tommy

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