According to your nerves

Some people, no matter what, cannot walk through the grocery store without buying certain things, or it just wouldn’t feel like they had been shopping. If you are feeling especially powerful emotionally, it can be fun to not buy something you can’t imagine life without, just for hoots and giggles. No chips. No meat. No milk. I myself rarely feel especially powerful emotionally, so I leave the jumping off the deep end to others. I like to keep what I have and add to it without taking away. Why not bounce over to where your feet no longer touch with ingredients you know and love. How about a chicken salad with grapes and toasted walnuts? Keep the mayonnaise (make your own for deep breathing good flavor), and for the chicken, use either left over, or just rub some chicken breasts with olive oil, salt and pepper and roast them on a sheet pan at 375 degrees until cooked through (don’t overcook). Shred the chicken, toss with enough mayo to coat it, toast the walnuts for about 6 minutes until they are just beginning to smell fragrant, and add those, cut in a little fresh chive or teeny cubes of new red onion or shallot, teeny cubes of celery and crunchy red table grapes.
Serve with a German sourdough a leaves of romaine.
Make Linzer squares for dessert with dark chocolate on the side.

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  1. This is my favorite way to make chicken salad. Roasting the chicken makes it so much more moist and flavorful, plus to me – way easier than boiling! Using red grapes makes it such a pretty dish!

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