Afraid of my future

As I get out of bed in the morning, I remind myself that I know how to make coffee, I know how to type, I know the way to my subway stop, and I remember my middle name. Not so bad. The problem is, I need to know about fifty hundred million times that for what I am about to try and take on this year. That’s why for the food, blogff0354.JPGI’m sticking to the basics. If I could I would only serve peaches whole and in their skin or take out chicken. Just because it is in my drawer, and couldn’t look threatening if it tried, I’m considering taking on Israeli Couscous. It looks like undersized moth balls; who could run from that? Couscous is pasta that you dont’ even have to cook, instead you pour an equal amount of boiling water over the top of the dry couscous that you put in a bowl and then cover with plastic wrap for about 12 minutes and toss it with a fork. I can always chop. No one could say I don’t have it going on with the knife. Zucchini in half inch cubes, can be roasted right in the pan with a few cloves of garlic and seasoned with salt and fried basil and a few red pepper flakes. Once you have that done, you may as well do the same to a red bell pepper, an onion and an eggplant. Toss the whole thing together and you can only feel your heart start waking up and hunting olives in the fridge to add and maybe even tiny sprigs of fresh rosemary. Then there is nothing to do but finish it with a little balsamic that was made to make life better, and an olive oil made to make life even better than that. Taste for salt.

2 thoughts on “Afraid of my future

  1. You DO have it going on with the Knife.. that is too true.. !!! So were you referring to buying a farm.. / barnhouse for massive cooking school weeks.. I’m excited to hear..

  2. Is that Jackie N from Stuttgart? We’re settled in Tidewater…Took 4 hrs to drive to Charlottesville recently…in the same 4 hrs,I could have been at the Brenner Pass heading into Italy from our German address. What are you ‘adding to your plate’ Faye????

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