After dinner video

After Pappa’s Pasta Fagioli (below) sit back, dim the lights and watch the FAYEFOOD Feature:

“Food in Marriage”

4 thoughts on “After dinner video

  1. What’s a “head” of celery. Hurry with answer, I’ve never made Pasto Fagioli and I can’t wait. And I have a can of San Marzano tomatoes on the shelf aching to be cooked.
    p.s. Tom found FAYEFOOD on Amazon. and sent it to your uncle Ferd.

  2. That was a fabulous little film, I’m going to share with friends, as well as on my blog by way of a link. It made me even more excited about taking one of your courses. Won’t make it for May, but it’s #1 on my birthday present list!

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