All in a day

All in a day at Montevarchi: olive groves su a Ventena with a rolling view of well tended hills of trees and vines then down to the factory of Prada where if you take a number a world of royal blue satin bloomers and white wing tip shoes with a side cafe to have a campari and soda is yours for the taking. Just down the road we watched Silvio massage great balls of dough into foccaccia and then toured the factory behind. We would have been happy enough with dark chocolate filled with Vin Santo but went on and had dinner in the garden to make us even happier.
Friday the group went to Assisi. You have to be very quite not to get shhhed over the loud speaker in the duomo which maybe ,t the forte of my group, but they pulled way out in front when it came to singing. They knew the words and dance moves to go with to any and all songs better than any other pedestrian this side of the Arno.
I miss them already and lucky for me I wasn,t left lonely. The farmer Tramontana and his family asked me up to Corgna for torta al testo, cooked over a stone in an open fire and stuffed with prosciutto and I ate senza complimenti until I could eat no more.

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