all the sandwiches I can think of that I make at 51st

(I think and not all on the same day)

The Lawrence Genoa salami with fried egg and arugula
Meatloaf with roasted onion and tomato
chicken salad with bit of lemon zest, fresh thyme, chive, chopped onion, dijon, olive oil and vinegar
chicken salad with dijon and tarragon
sliced chicken with roasted fennel, roasted red pepper and idiazabal, a Spanish sheep cheese
sliced chicken with roasted string beans, hazen blue, and lettuce
roasted butternut squash with spinach, roasted onion and amish cheddar
soprasatta with red pepper, green olive and lettuce
brie with red grape and chive
brie with sliced pear and chive
fresh goat cheese with roasted string beans, green olive and lettuce
roast chicken with cranberry sauce and stuffing
roast pork with slaw and sliced onion
I think I might make borscht today xo

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