Ferdinand is trying to leave a teacher you would think you could only dream of. She has the patience of a lake that waits for a leaf to fall. She is a miracle of finding time to listen, to laugh, and to look into a child’s eyes. Every boy and girl feels like the most precious. She has taught me more about children in the three minutes when I drop him off or pick him up, than any other single source. He has been unable to sleep and worries that he will have to go on next year without her. How do you teach a child to leave someone who rests so deeply in his little soul? I think we will just have to take her with us. We will find out what her favorite food is and make it for dinner when we miss her and we will call to find out how she is and break all the school rules and have teacher parties at our house for the pre-k class of 2007 with her as our guest of honor. We’ll send her cookies.
Don’t ever leave for good the ones you love.

One thought on “Always

  1. I know exactly what you mean. My daughter, who is now 23, had a second grade teacher with whom she bonded in the same way. Even though we live in Texas and the teacher now lives in Wisconsin, they continue to correspond. Some times souls connect on a level that just can’t be explained. All you can do is continue to nurture and appreciate the relationship. How wonderful for Ferdinand!

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