Amost half way there

I met my friend Kelie Adams when I was seven years old.  I had just moved to the north end of Hartford and knew not one soul.  I memorized the one hour bus route back to where we came from.  A girl without a friend is a girl lost.  I can’t remember how I found Kelie or her front door, all I remember is knocking on it and saying “my  name is Faye.”

Her mother pushed the screen wide open to let me in, and that was it.  I played at Kelie’s, I ate at Kelie’s, I schemed, dreamt, and slept over at Kelie’s.  All these years later, it warms me to no end that we never stopped dreaming and scheming and that one of those dreams–to get families cooking and eating together again–brewed in a cafe over on 9th Avenue two years ago, is now supported by an even bigger network of friends. In two days you have brought us almost half way to our goal of buying new equipment for Dinner Confidential.

I’m sending all my love.

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