An ode to Hannah and Trader Joe’s

Over the next few days, a little angel called my sister Hannah, will be fixing up the site to get it all beautiful and in working order. Hannah has three kids, and jet lag, and it’s December, so this is no time for her to be cooking dinner.
Can I just say that Trader Joe’s (where Hannah shops) is one of the best things going for “dinner needs to be done before I leave this store” days. They have a whole aisle dedicated to nuts of every flavor and crazy things that you can use to play “what the heck is this” guessing games while you pass sweet little tidbits at the end of a meal, like chocolate covered blueberries or Oreos filled with peppermint cream. They sell reusable cute red bags for 99 cents that you can pack a whole lot of stuff in to give away in case guests are coming. For the main event you could get a pre-roasted whole chicken, some seed covered crackers, roasted garlic hummus, olives that you could marinate with olive oil, lemon zest, fresh herbs and cayenne pepper, a little cheese, tiny french bread rolls, organic red grapes, and greek yogurt to stir smashed garlic, olive oil, lemon juice and grated cucumber into to have yourself a party. Buy a massive piece of Belgian chocolate for dessert that you melt with two times as much hot heavy cream to make chocolate soup and serve a dallop of whipped cream on the top.

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