and now the green onions?

It ain’t easy being green these days.  A perfectly innocent little onion, just the thing for adding a certain je ne sais quoi to whatever you might be putting on the table, a whole prosciutto set on a slicer with plates of the inside stalks of celery, unsalted bread, a pecorino staggionato and long green onions to get your tongue talking or that Mexican soup from yesterday (my husband said he liked it so much he was still thinking about it when he was going to bed.  I think I might just start calling myself Tortilla Soup).

Anyway it isn’t so, they are saying that the green onions aren’t the problem after all, which doesn’t make you feel a whole lot better about going to Taco Bell (another reason to cook), but at least you can keep your onions.

Throw a little top round in the oven that has been seasoned with kosher salt all over and seared in olive oil until it is a beautiful chestnut brown on all sides.  Roast it at 325 degrees with a few fresh sage leaves, one of rosemary and one of thyme along with a four or five uncut cloves of garlic and a spill of white wine.  Spoon a little of the juices over it every once in a while and after about twenty minutes, pour a maybe 2 or 3 tablespoons of heavy cream over it, even 4 if you’re up to it.  Cook it until it is 130 degrees in the center.  Drive the meat thermometer right in the center of the circle at the end, bull’s eye style.

To serve along side, cut some yukon gold or tiny new yellow skinned potatoes in half  and start cooking them in cold salted water with a spill of olive oil and a sprig of fresh thyme.  They should be crowded in the pan and just enough water to cover.  Let the water come to a gentle simmer and cover until the potatoes are fork tender.

Meanwhile get out those green onions, slice a bunch into one inch pieces and saute in your best olive oil with a little butter.  Add the potatoes when they are done, and toss around.  Taste for salt and black pepper.

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