The beauty of a can of cannellini and a head of escarole is this:
“Hello!!!!!!” to my mother in law who has just arrived from the other side of the Atlantic,
(hand in pantry drawer;pull out the beans and can of “oh, beauty” olive oil) and
“Hello!!!!!” to my brother in law, arrived with mother,
(hand in fridge, pull out head of escarole and resident sprig of fresh thyme)
Talk, talk, talk, pan on stove. Oil in, garlic in. Talk, talk. Fill sink with water, throw in the escarole. Sit. Drink a little wine. Get up, move escarole from sink to collander to pan on stove. Shove hand into salt bowl, grab and release over greens. Stir, stir, sit. More wine. Up. Taste the greens for goodness. Move them to a bowl. Drizzle them with your “oh, beauty.” Wipe out the pan, more “oh, beauty” ; quick as a flash, mince another 2 cloves of garlic and into the oil they go. Sprig of thyme. Flame off. 5 red pepper flakes in. Open can of beans, rinse like you mean it, and over to the pan of garlic they go. Salt and squeeze of a lemon. Greens in. Showers of shavings of your best parmesan. More of that olive oil right over the top. On the table with bread, dried sausages on the side for the brother in law. Talk, talk. No problem. Everybody off to bed.

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