As far as I know

When I catch your eye and hold it in mine
I dream in the flash of a moment I pray will last forever
that you will love me.

As far as I know, it hasn't worked yet.
I don't dare let my mouth get involved.

If I tell you straight what my truth is
if I tell you straight that I love you,
that could end it all together

what else are you going to think about when you cook? not your shoes.

I am working on menus for Spain. It’ll be April when I go, and I never remember exactly what is in season in Madrid at the end of April, so I can plan all I want, but if my intended are nowhere to be found, and the artichokes are fat and heavy and calling, then it’s artichokes. One of my favorite ways of doing them is to pull the hard leaves off from the outer edges and simmer them in salted water with a spill of olive oil until they are just tender, then cut them into quarters and remove the chokes. Save the cooking water. Then do the same with peas, fave and asparagus, each in their pot, but I don’t save the cooking water from the asparagus, because I don’t like it. Sauté a few cloves of thinly sliced garlic over a flame that’s barely fluttering, just until the garlic softens. add a thin sprinkle of flour, and stir until there is no more of the raw flour taste. Add a cup of the cooking liquid and taste for salt. Taste it for the magic balance. If you don’t know what that it is, keep thinking about it. Your head’s involved, but it’s not the lead. It’s the rest of you. The essence of one thing shouldn’t over power another; you should be able to taste voice of everything. The sauce should have body, but not any kind of thickness. Add the vegetables, with a drizzle of your best olive oil, and stir to coat. If you’re into prosciutto, warm a few slices in a frying pan, and lay it on top.

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