Asparagus+The Obvious

Ferdinand is on a mission for an ipod. He already has the ipod 4 and just spent all of the money that everybody ever gave him plus anything he found on the sidewalk for a refurbished ipod 3. He did his research and told me that read somewhere (WHERE??!!) that if you regularly leave your parents notes about the type, color and advantages to a particular electronic device and you are are regularly super agreeable and helpful around the house, your chances of actually getting that particular electronic device increase about 300 times.

I can already feel myself weakening into a statistic. Who doesn’t like to have their clothes folded? There was a sweater on top of the pile that I haven’t seen for months. He cleared my dishes, he did his homework, he SANG A GOOD MORNING SONG TO ME.
There is not one thing complicated about it.
Even against better judgement, nice to the mother equals a better chance at gift of choice.

Food is the same. Simple wins. Asparagus that looked like they had just been picked showed up at the vegetable cart on my corner yesterday.
Egg, herb, cheese and pasta.
You could roast the asparagus and set them on top of grilled piece of crusty bread with a soft boiled egg on top of that.
You could saute them with fresh basil and a whole unchopped garlic clove and fold them into a frittata.
You could slowly melt gorgonzola and mascarpone over a double boiler and drizzle it over 4 minute steamed asparagus.
You could shave the asparagus and toss them with fava and pecorino shavings.
I snapped the asparagus where they bent and poached them for 3 minutes. I chopped 3 cloves of garlic and 1 shallot w/a handful of flat leaf parsley and sauteed until about to go golden with a bit of sea salt and a grind of pepper. As half a box of pasta boiled I tossed the asparagus with the garlic and shallot. I mixed an egg with a fork, slowly added about a quarter cup of the boiling pasta water (save more water from the pasta in a pyrex cup in case you need it) with a handful of parmigiano reggiano and when the pasta was seriously al dente, I drained the pasta, dumped it back in the pan with the asparagus and stirred in the egg mixture.

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