I am leaving again. I have to change through Amsterdam. Two hours on the ground and by 4 am EST I’ll be in Rome looking for the train.
I have made a pot of potato leek soup, a bunch of chicken meatballs w/a little fresh thyme and tarragon that Ferdinand eats like popcorn, a lasagna and chocolate chip cookies. Before I leave this afternoon, chicken soup and chocolate pudding.
My heart is as heavy as an anchor.
If I could I would never have Ferd further from me than a ten minute walk.
“It’s good practice” I told him. “Think how ready you’ll be to leave me when you’re eighteen. When I went away to college, why some kids packed up all their bags a week after they got there to go back home.”
He didn’t say anything.
I hugged him and didn’t believe one word of it either.

To make potato leek soup: Peel 6 yukon potatoes and cut into chunks. Saute with 4 skinny leeks that have the darkest green removed (save for stock) in olive oil, a bit of butter with a few thyme sprigs. When the leeks are soft add enough water to just cover the vegetables. Simmer, covered until the potatoes are tender. Puree with an immersion blender while still hot. Taste for salt, black pepper and if you have it, a little cream.

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