Bake it, stuff it, bake it again

Tomorrow morning just as the sun is making its way into my back window, I am going to rise myself from my bed, kiss my son and my husband goodbye, and head off to Manhattan, first on the 7 train which will take me under the river and then to the uptown 2 or 3 to 72nd Street to shop at Fairway for two days of cooking further north and east, across the street from the Park. I will have to wake Ferdinand before I go because I forgot to tell him last night that I would be off so early in the morning. I hate to forget.
When I come home I am going to make stuffed potatoes. You can’t forget how to stuff potatoes. You bake the potato, you cut it in half, you take (nearly) all of the potato out of it’s skin, dump it into a bowl, and mash it. What you add to it, before it goes back into it’s shell is up to you, and you have full license to make no effort to remember what you put in there the last time. I usually the add the same ol’, same ol.
A little bit of mayonnaise, a chopped boiled egg, some fresh chive, a tiny bit of parsely, a little mustard, some cheddar cheese, and cottage cheese (or even ricotta if you have some left over from your blintz.) Add salt and pepper to taste and serve with broccoli and garlic or roasted peppers and onions. Bake them again until they are heated through with a little extra cheese on top.

One thought on “Bake it, stuff it, bake it again

  1. Faye, I am in love with this blog, with the delicious recipes and with the gorgeous photographs.

    Here’s what I do with chocolate soup, using more choc than cream, add a wee pinch of kosher salt and a T or so of corn syrup, make a vanilla and crushed pretzel ice cream sundae.


    (I like to tell myself that the corn syrup makes the chocolate go more chewy than just plain hard on the ice cream.)

    I’m going to list what I’m reading in one of my next blog entries and add yours.


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