Because of my mother

I love hard, I sing loudly, I eat candy with a passion, I am from Hartford, I have cold feet, I never quit, I cook every night, I get really angry, I know all the words to “you are my sunshine”, I never miss breakfast, I worry about oncoming trucks that are nowhere in sight when I cross the street, I could scare a stone with a sneeze, I go around saying things like I have peace like a river when I don’t, I only serve my family exactly the amount I think they’ll eat, I use real butter when I bake, I can look at a house or a mitten and think, “I could make that”, I save empty sugar packets for keeping loose beads, I can find a tooth in a soccer field, I yell too much, I cry silently, I will feed anyone who is hungry, I strike up relationships with people on the subway, I think George Booth is hysterical, I have huge hands, I love books as if they lived and breathed, I am a money shunner, I can tell quality fabric from poor imitation, I carry the Times crossword around the house, and I watch waves of the ocean to sync the rhythm of my heart.

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