Beets, baby

Ever since I read that if your pee turns red after you eat beets, it means you need to eat more beets, I have been feeling the need to eat more beets.  I have always loved beets, it’s just that when I look at one I think, “do I love you that much?”  It’s a lot of work peeling beets–it turns your hands red, you have deal with all the guilt about not cooking the greens, if you’re not cooking the greens, and if you didn’t eat the beet in the first place, you could just pretend you never knew you were beet (iron) deficient.  Except that ignorance is bliss until it bites you.

On the plus side:

it’s an opportunity to get yourself a brand new peeler to fly through the job.

ruby red hands are gorgeous against gleaming ice and snow.

beets make all other root vegetables look marvelous.

Peel the beets, then cut into a half inch dice.  Do the same with potatoes (no need to peel first), sweet potatoes, carrots, and parsnips.  Toss the whole bunch with olive oil and salt.  Roast at 400 degrees until softened with whole cloves of garlic.  Fry some sliced red onion in a pan separately with parsley or thyme until compleltely softened.  Toss with the vegetables when they are ready, and give them a drizzle of your best balsamic.

If all you have is the beets and potatoes, roast both and toss with boiled string beans, toasted pecans, blue cheese, shallot and chive.

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