I have this theory that if I wait long enough, Ferdinand is going to be moved to clean his room. That could be true, but the problem is I interrupt before he gets a chance to prove himself. By the time toys, clothes go missing–swallowed whole by the room–and my technique of sweeping a path past his bed to his bathroom is no longer effective because of the height of dust and debris on either side, I have lost my commitment to waiting.
The beautiful thing is, he appreciates it when I clean. Yesterday he came home from school and sat on his bed looking at his shelves for half an hour. He couldn’t believe all the new, old stuff he had and how good it looked not in a heap.
I also have this theory that if I wait long enough, I’m going to take a dance class.
It’s fantastic what we can lead ourselves to believe.
Last night I made Ferdinand buttered perogies from Greenpoint with a side of a hotdog and broccoli. You can cook the whole thing in one pot.
If I had been hungry I would have had mine with bits of sauteed onion and bacon, but I believed I wasn’t; about twenty minutes later I had a half a bag of Pirate Booty, some chocolate chip cookies and an apple.

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