Bless the little ones

Bless the little chicken meatballs that Ferdinand will eat. I saute half an onion in tiny bits with a pinch of salt and a whole sage leaf, so that there is no green to be found when all is said and done; I just lift the leaf out all together (and a whole clove of garlic). When the onion is cool, I add it to a pound of ground chicken, a few more pinches of salt, a three inch piece of baguette that has been soaking in whole milk, just to moisten, half an egg, and that’s it. I know I have told you how to make these a million times over, but they are so cute and delicious, browned in olive oil and butter and then served up with mashed potatoes and buttered carrots and zesty little salad of bitter greens and a favorite cheese for after. You can make an onion gravy, or not, by adding sliced onions to the pan once the meatballs are out and done, with another tab of butter until the onions are golden and softened, then a sprinkle of flour, only a tablespoon or less, a spill of good dry white wine, a good whisk, and taste. Add a bit of water or salt or freshly ground black pepper. I saved the cooking liquid from the potatoes (lifted the potatoes out and added the carrots) and carrots to make a potato leek soup with white beans and shavings of parmesan, the next day for lunch.

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