Bouef and chocolate souffle

Everybody’s here, if only a day late. dedicated students that they are, they drove all the way to JFK from North Carolina when the first leg of their flight to Paris was cancelled. We had a lovely rose from the vineyards of Mssr. Jerome Godefroy and dined on ratatouille, flageolet, a tray of cheeses and a salad. We started with a chilled cucumber soup with fresh mint (typically used for a sauce with salmon, but perfect for a reviving first course after 3days of trans atlantic travel Hell) and finished with a galette de Bourgueill-a brioche style flat round caked filled with two inches of pastry cream-a climb that walked us back up to much more of a classic pearly gates and birds singing kind of feeling. Went ever so nicely with caramelized fresh apricots.
They left this morning for the abbey of Fontevreau and will come back for a walking tour with Mr. Criddford of the very local wineries just down the road. Tonight’s class: Bouef and chocolate souffle
Such is life at Chateau des Sablons

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