Bread and Butter and Ice Cream

Yesterday my son had a temperature of 105.7. There wasn’t much time for cooking or eating. I spent most of my day trying not to panic between the doctor’s office and the hospital. I have a hard time with things that I don’t understand, which is just about anything to do with medicine. And I have a harder time when the doctor says they don’t know what’s going on. I learned that you aren’t supposed to put a blanket over a shivering child if he has a fever, and that digital thermometers are useless. I made broth yesterday because it was one of the few things that Ferd was allowed to eat, and it I know it sounds crazy that I was cooking anything, but when you know there’s nothing you can do to make your child better, you can pretend that broth might just be the trick. I ate bread, butter and ice cream.

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