Bubble time

You know, oh my gosh.  That was a crazy fun hot making food from uno morning til the next scorpion decorated week.  It was my own family of ten.  And just so I don’t forget, because there was a lot of cooking on the fly–in addition to the classic How to Want to Cook with Faye in Italy menus–we ate one farro (ancient Roman wheat) salad with raw ripe red tomatoes, garlic, torn basil and beautiful olive oil, and one farro salad with lightly braised carrots and fennel in a hot diggity dog good pan liquor (onion, garlic, celery, thyme, parsley, olive oil in the water for 15 minutes before veg for salad went in,) then roasted in top temperature oven for just a few minutes to caramelize, then sauted onions, fried basil, and parsley.  Borlotti beans with raw tomato, garlic, fried flat leaf uncut parsley and oregano.  Poached chicken (use the same kick butt pan liquor) with crisp arugula, pignoli,gorgonzola dolce, lightly toasted walnuts, parsley leaves, a squeeze of lemon and a spill of olive oil.  Frittata with roasted yellow peppers and onions and marjoram.  Pan sauteed asparagus with wild mint leaves, big ol’ croutons crisped up in the oven and then little salt and a spill of gorgeousness when they popped out, arugula leaves and those Italian tiny multi colored olives that are the size of Nicoise, called Taggiasche.  (just ask your grocer in a polite but determined way to find them.)

We laughed and we talked and talked and talked and talked and then talked and laughed and walked, shopped, ate, drank, drank and ate and cooked til we dropped.  Listened to the teacher.  Er not.

It was a truly wonderful week. And I miss every single one of you already.

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