Bubble Time

Ferdinand had his winter concert last night; the whole auditorium was jam packed with family love, all just waiting to hear their wiggly angels sing. I was so excited to go, I wore mascara. It’s important to stand out enough for your kid to find you in the audience, and equally as important to remember not to grab onto the person next to you and call out to tell the world how much you love that boy up there on stage. The music teacher had the perfect solution for such an occasion called “Bubble Time.” You blow your cheeks out like a trumpet player and make a nice round bubble with your arms over your head. It worked really well for the children and it would work well me for me to, if I could just remember to use it.

There were tables and tables of desserts from around the world and Ferdinand saved himself a little napkin covered paper plate of them. He ate some there and some when we got home, and he saved the last bits for breakfast. We love that school.

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