On Friday I sent Ferdinand to school with a packed lunch which included a recycled single serving glass bottle, full of milk.  I had the conversation with myself as I was filling the bottle (glass=not safe in the cafeteria), but I reasoned that when I was a kid, there were glass Coke bottles brought in for lunch, thermoses with glass interiors, and nobody died (of breakage).  I got a message back that same day from Ferdinand that glass is not allowed.  Fair enough.  The truth is that if I were the rule enforcing lunch lady, at 11:30 am (post shower, post coffee, post trying to beat the clock) instead of the uncoffee’ed unshowered, in-the-ring-with-the-clock-and about-to-get-knocked-out-mother, I would have said the same thing.  This morning I sent him in with a plastic recycled water bottle.  Also for single use but the longer term issues of gases that are emitted from the dishwasher from washing plastic that is intended for single use, or if you wash it by hand, the germs that are still clinging to the mouth of the bottle are not as high on the list of lunchroom danger for the lunch lady.  The problem is, they are on my list.  Along with the issue that school lunch cows are pumped up with steroids to keep them on their feet.

What about “plastic inside, plastic outside Thermoses?”  is what the lunch lady is most likely thinking, along with what the heck is the matter with the mother?

I am on the look out for a plastic thermos that will not crack in the dishwasher, and will not smell.
Making broccoli with toasted slivered almonds and coriander seeds over a lemon scented rice–much easier.

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