Cake and sauce

Can you believe that up in Maine they let you go on line for free if you buy and ice cream? Boothbay Harbor at a place called Moosehead. They have a head of a moose glued to the wall to prove that they’re up here, and I’m not so sure that that’s the right thing to do when you see a moose–glue him to the wall–but it’s impressive.
We have been hanging around thinking about what to make tonight, the perfect vacation occupationand we have decided on meat sauce with pork, beef and veal, no moose, and Gayle and I will make the noodles with the machine. We have all kinds of people coming in at all times, so we thought we could throw the noodles in the pot as they come in the door, and spoon on the sauce. I’m thinking something chocolate for dessert. Cake. A big chocolate cake with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

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