Calling all garlic greens

Somebody has got to tell the big boss of vegetables in the United States of America, to GET BABY GARLIC GREENS. I have never seen them. That doesn’t mean they aren’t there, but if they are, they are going around incognito. Here in Italy, they are all over the place in April; tiny narrow greens that look almost like leeks, but instead have the most seductive aroma of garlic. You clean them, slice them, and saute in olive oil all on their own, and then drop them into beaten organic eggs with a pinch of salt and pepper. Pour all of that into a buttered omelette pan, and over a low to medium heat, let it set for a minute before gently lifting the eggs around the edges with a wooden spoon. When there is not too much liquid left on top, slide it onto a plate, cooked side down, then invert it back into the pan, and cook the other side only for a second, before serving. You want the frittata to be a little runny in the middle.

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