Menu for the job night before last:

Traditional buckwheat blini (crepe style)

with osetra caviar ($100 an ounce) served with barely hard boiled egg (9 minutes in boiling water, then immediately shocked in an ice bath), creme fraiche, chive and to color the plate–caramelized cranberry with a grind of black pepper.

Fresh lobster risotto (it’s a lot of work to pick out all of the meat–but it’s worth it) with sauteed leeks stirred in right at the end so they
stay beautifully green, a little fresh thyme and tarragon, and a garlic cream reduction. To gently warm the lobster before it gets folded into the risotto at the last minute, melt a bit of unsalted butter in a non stick saute pan, turn off the flame and add move the lobster chunks around a little. Save claw meat for the top of each dish.

Charcuterie platter of lardons, French salami, fresh French goat cheese rounds, St. Agur, petite agour, and Pave d’Affinois served with toss of bitter greens and fresh herbs (mint, parsley, tarragon) dressed with classic French vinaigrette

Yellow birthday cake with chocolate frosting

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