Chicken; new hat

At 80 Kenyon Street, in a room made into a phone booth by the following tenant, there was no place for an aging pair of jeans to chew its cud.  Before a new pair of jeans came in, the old pair was cut and accessorized into a whole new life that took up less space and a different drawer.  My original 16.99 for a cornerstone of my wardrobe ended as a denim wallet, tote bag, a mini skirt and possibly even a throw pillow.  Denim was “in” because there was no throwing denim out.  It was too available, too durable, and too transitional.  Which takes me to chicken.
Rework it.

Saute a cleaned, sliced leek in a spill of olive oil with a sprig of fresh thyme of a few leaves of basil and a clove of garlic that has been cut once, in half.  The leek should be completely softened over a low flame.  Scrape out the leek, add another spill of olive oil, increase the heat, and a package of thickly sliced mushrooms.  No salt or stirring until the mushrooms are beginning to go golden.  Then a few pinches of kosher salt (table salt has silicone and silicone is hell on your body) and a stir.  Scrape the mushrooms onto the leek plate; another spill of olive oil and toss in halved, cherry tomatoes that you have thumbed the seeds from.  Season with salt.  Serve as a ragoux on top of room temperature, lovely chicken left over from last night.

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