Cleaning out the Fridge

Found half a head of fennel, the inside stalks of head of celery, two carrots, two parts of two separate onions, one leek, wilting parsley, and some broccoli. I decided to forget about the broccoli and keep that on the side. I sauteed all of the above, chopped finely (u can use the food processor for everything but the onion and leek) and tossed it with olive oil, salt, freshly ground pepper, bay leaf, thyme sprigs, fresh tarragon leaves (you can keep fresh thyme and tarragon in the freezer if you don’t use them often enough), parsley and sauteed over medium heat until the vegetables were absolutely collapsing, about 15 to 20 minutes. Added 1 peeled potato and after 1 stir, let it sit until the potato stuck to the pan. Added 1 small can of well rinsed garbanzos (ceci).

It is now simmering away until everything is tender and fragrant and ready.

For the (composed=not tossed) salad: steamed green beans, slices of avocado, capers, green olives, radish on a plate sprinkled w/sea salt and spritzed with lemon.

Plain greens in a bowl with salad dressing on the side because Ferdinand prefers salad items separate w/no dressing. That way he can hold his nose to eat each leaf without the added stress of anything touching. I figure pretty soon, he’ll get bored holding his nose and clearing so many individual dishes from the table.

For dessert: strawberry shortcake with a cake I made to use up extra egg yolks.

Still have to figure out something to do with the broccoli. I might just eat it on my own.

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