Cookbooks collecting dust

These are hard times. Not to mention the fact that I have lost what little interest I had in muscle tone upkeep, facial, glutenel or otherwise and that
8:30 pm is looking better and better as bedtime. On top of all that, cash is tight. It hurts to buy the big pack of m&m’s and it gets tempting to ask if you can’t order the sandwich with just mayo, no meat.
These are the times to pull the cookbooks off the shelf and use them. It’s not the same to flip through and look at the pretty pictures. Go through your favorite cookbooks, pick three recipes that you haven’t made before and make them this week. People will smell your kitchen all stuffed up with love, and family members you haven’t noticed in a long time will be pulling up a chair to the table.
Here are my recommendations:

Tourte Milanese from “Baking with Julia”
Spiced Eggplant Salad from “Roast Chicken and Other Stories”
Sicilian Fish Stew from “Italian Easy”
Candied Clementines from “Silver Palate Good Times”

Then of course there’s always “FAYEFOOD”.

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