Cooking with a motive

I’m on the edge; my nerves are popping, my back is up and I look a bit like a dog with its lips taped up to keep from removing limbs from passerbys. It’s not easy for a mother. I was already smoking at the ears and hadn’t taken a breath for at least two days when I was witness to the curriculum of the new and improved kindergartner, and then this morning they had a meeting for the parents. Just to warm us up to what’s expected. They can do what they want in the cafeteria–sausage rolls and doughnuts, and they can send me a flyer about the benefits of insisting my child read before a tooth falls out–I will keep my seat and raise my hand and even listen to the reasoning behind it all. But when I hear that my child can play once a week and there may be no time to go outside at all from 8 in the morning until 40 minutes after two, because there is too much work to do in the day, I say it’s time to set some things straight.
I came home from the school this morning and I was either going to make the 5:00 o’clock news–“MOTHER TAKES OVER; 5 YEARS OLDS ARE PLAYING IN THE CLASSROOM”, or because I have to think about what’s really the best way to get the job done, bake. You could bust into a school screaming and red in the face, but security is quick. Instead I made a big batch of fresh raspberry scones and walked them down to the school. That’s step one. Step two I haven’t worked out, but whatever it is, step one is going to make it a whole lot easier.

7 thoughts on “Cooking with a motive

  1. Hi Faye..I too found myself sitting at the little desk last night nodding along until the teacher showed us the jar of “warm fuzzies” on her desk. They are little pom-poms the kids earn..not sure how..and put in the jar. At the end of the week they translate to minutes of free time. This is the teacher’s first year and she sent home a nice letter introducing herself and explaining how she was a fashion design major who was fed up with retail but “NEW” that she always wanted to be a teacher. Lord help us all. But at least these second graders still get recess once and sometimes twice a day. I came home from the school and made oatmeal chocolate chip oookies so I would have the warm fuzzies.

    Stacey (pat’s daughter)

  2. My daughter’s school is equally benighted. If the children are misbehaving, they miss recess. Isn’t recess when they can shake out the wiggles, get some fresh air, and change their perspective? And sometimes they miss recess because of too much work (preparing for standardized testing). Thank you, No Child Left Behind.

    My plan is similar to yours, but I bring fresh eggs from my backyard brood to soften up the teachers.

  3. The teachers in our school cut the morning break from 15 mins to 10 so they could come to work 5 mins later. So now the school day starts at 8:05 and the bus kids have to stay in morning lines an extra 5 mins in whatever weather till the start of school (because none of the other schools made this rediculous change so the busses couldnt change their drop off time). And we are the only school in the whole DoDDS system who’s teachers get an hour total free time every day (for lunch and break) plus their prep hour when the kids are in specials but the kids only get Gym for 45 mins every 4 days. Dont get me started!!!!!

  4. Hi Faye,

    I’ve never been able to leave a comment before, which saddened me because I LOVE your site. Your attitude is fresh and encouraging, your suggestions wonderful, and I am with you wholeheartedly on the whole kindergarten thing! My daughter is nearly 11, in London, and we’re being told not to travel at Christmas for fear the children will not perform well enough on their exams at the end of January! Help! In any case, thank you for your wonderful writing. I was so glad when Ferd recovered from his fever, BTW. Visit my site if you like!


  5. Faye,

    Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. Given my admiration for what you do, you can imagine my pleasure. Thanks! I’d love more readers, as we all would, so please let anyone you think would enjoy my blog know about it, and I’ll blog about yours again tomorrow. Cook on.


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