Corn on the cob and no sleep

We are all moving around in a fog of no sleep and not quite knowing what time it is. It is no time to cook. Jonathan brought home the first corn on the cob of the season, and I gathered my superhuman powers together to boil the water and throw in the salt. Ferdinand said it was lovely, and when I had laid my head down next to my dish to see if I couldn’t sneak in a nap before bed, he asked if he could finish mine. If you are awake, have it with thick sliced, country ham, some hard boiled eggs, a sweet and spicy red pepper relish and zucchini cut super thin and cooked in olive oil, garlic and finely chopped onion. (Get that onion over a slow heat until it is completely cooked through before the zucchini goes in.) For dessert how about an orange sour cream cake soaked with an orange sugar syrup and fresh cherries on the side? I will find the recipe.

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