Curried eggs on china

It is loveliness to be invited to someone’s home to be fed.  And when they have the table arranged for you just so with flowers from the garden and fragile china plates even with a full time job, two children and unbearable heat, well that’s just Mother Teresa kind of activity.  Needless to say I had invited myself and my family, changed the date from a Saturday to a Sunday and was still welcomed.  I thought we could get by on the bagels and pack of cream cheese that I brought along, but when we got there there were platters of curried cream eggs, toast points, a bowl of deep red strawberries still wearing their green tops, black cherries with their stems and blueberries, a piece of brie with sesame crusted almonds and walnuts, and a platter of lox with lemon and capers.  With a tiny silver candelabra.

There were no measurements, but start with a tiny clove of minced garlic, a quarter of a minced yellow onion, and saute in olive oil and butter with a little salt until the onion is completely soft.  Add a scant  teaspoon of curry powder and then about a half cup of heavy cream.  Heat gently.  In another pan, bring a dozen eggs to a boil and when the water is rolling, turn off the pan and cover, letting the eggs sit for 9 minutes.  Run the eggs under cold water and then peel.  The yolks should be about half way set.  Chop the whites roughly, and combine with the cream.  Stir gently to combine and serve over toast points.

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