Dancing by the fire

Get your salsa shoes on because it’s grilling time and there is no need to stick to the same old tired ketchup when you have world of fresh fruit and possibilities out there. I have half a ripe tomato and a peach left, and (although I have been known to yell at my mother when she insists on using up all the old stuff for a quick clean up and says “just get it all out of the fridge and make some dinner with it”), I am going to get the two in a bowl together. Chop up the same amount of each, and for one ripe, firm tomato and one firm ripe, peach (or nectarine) add two tablespoons of finely chopped small, fresh red onion, sea salt to taste, a half to a whole teaspoon of toasted whole cumin seed that you crush yourself (with a mortar and pestle or the bottom of a heavy frying pan), a little olive oil, a squeeze of fresh lime juice, a drop of orange juice and a good chop of fresh cilantro or parsley.

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