Dear Dinner Confidential:

I could go on for hours re the dinner dilemma.

The breakdown:

1. I like to cook, I like to eat, but I hate meal planning and grocery list making.

2. I don’t get much input from the family

Kids: What!? We are having THAT!? Can’t we have pizza?


Me: Do you have any suggestions for dinners this week?

Husband: I need to eat more fruit.

So meal planning is a challenge. I need to figure out a way to get the family more involved.

We manage to sit down and eat together every night but I need suggestions for meals that can be made ahead of time or made quickly while they are showering after soccer practice.

To add to the challenge, my husband is going to Afghanistan for 6 months. As an adult I will be outnumbered. Don’t want to resort to kid food like we have in the past (i.e. tacos, pizza, breakfast for dinner!)

On the plus side:
I swear they think I am a better cook since I went to Italy! Maybe I am. They love the LaMacchia Olive oil and have even started eating salad since I use that on the greens. My older son begs for gnocchi.


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